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Our film production studio is located in Sunrise, FL near Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Our video production company provides a variety of affordable standing sets and video production services to accommodate any music video or film shoot. Our video production studio is also a great location for photo shoots. We are South Florida’s most affordable option at fulfilling your studio rental needs.

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Standing Set Rental

Prices start at $300 for 2 hours 1 Set included.

Here at SoFlo Studio we provide standing sets as well as every prop that you would expect to be in the scene. We also have lighting equipment available to rent at very affordable prices. If you are doing location scouting for your next film, make sure to stop by and take a tour of our video production studio. You will get to view every film set rental and the accompanying prop backgrounds. You can discuss your unique videography needs with us and we will provide you with an unbeatable priced film studio rental that fits your budget. We have film locations in other areas of south Florida too!

Studio Rental Set in Miami
Film Studio Rental
Whether you are filming a music video or a pilot TV show, you will be able to find that our location rental catalog will meet all of your film’s needs. All of our sets are professional-looking and clean. Each film set and music video location at our video production studio comes complete with full backdrops. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facilities located near Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Once you’ve booked your film location rental you’ll be able to end your location scouting and move on to other important filming matters.
Interrogation Room standing set rental
Interrogation Room Set
This interview film set rental is crucial for any criminal justice scene your production may require. An interrogation room is a serious place to be for any investigation. You will find that the video shoot locations at our film production studio appear exactly as you would imagine they should and look authentic on camera. The interrogation room has everything you would expect to see, such as a table and chairs, two-way mirror, and a solid, dark door. This film set rental always provides a grim environment for your police officers to interrogate suspects.
hospital room standing set
Hospital Room Set
Our medical film set rental rental has everything that is usually included in a standard hospital room. Whether your scene focuses on medical personnel or the patients, you will be provided with all the props and outfits to make the scene feel real. Our hospital room is perfect for any clinic scene, or emergency room, or hospice. As a video production company ourselves we make sure we're providing an authentic medical bed for infirmary or surgery, complete with medical equipment, informational posters, stethoscope, and more.
Police station filming location miami
Police Station Set
This is another affordable standing set rental at our film production studio that comes complete with everything you will need for your criminal justice scenes featuring law enforcement scenes. It is suitable for a small team of investigators and cops and comes complete with a full prop set of police uniforms, vests, guns and handcuffs. When you are location scouting for your film you will want to check out this set. As part of our video production services, we make sure it comes complete with desks, chairs, cork boards, and more. It is another one of our authentic video shoot locations suitable for any kind of scene.
Prison Cell Set
Our prison standing set has a serious atmosphere and an authentically grim appearance. As a video production company, we make sure our prison cell is not a happy place to be. When you are holding criminals in your police or procedural law film, our jail cell where you will want to keep them. When touring our facilities, make sure to view this film set rental so that you can see how perfectly it will work for your criminal justice film shoot.
classroom standing set rental
Classroom Set
As a video production company, we understand that a lot can happen in a classroom, scenes can be dialogue heavy or contain a lot of action. You will find that our standing set rental is perfect for any kind of scene. This is another one of our most detailed sets, containing students’ desks, the teacher’s desk, chairs, blackboards, posters and more. You can utilize the brick wall to give the classroom an “old school” feeling. It’s a great film set rental with lots of variety.
padded room
Padded Room
Our padded room is a grim, rough place to be. That is exactly what this film location rental represents. Any scene having clinically ill patients behind bars will be dramatic and serious. Whether you are shooting a music video or a new episode for an indie series or film, this film shoot location will be perfect for holding your insane asylum patients. As a video production company, our team can help you plan the shots given the space as well as help with suggestions for the lighting.
baroque photoshoot location miami
Victorian Room
Our Victorian room features furniture that will have your audience in awe. This set gives an authentic portrayal of what it’s like in the Victorian period. This film set rental has a grim atmosphere that will give your film shoot a professional feel. You will be able to use this set in many types of film shoots whether it’s for a music video shoot or an indie short film. We can also completely change the look and feel of the space with lighting as part of our video production services.
Green Screen Cyclorama
Our Green Screen puts you anywhere you want to be. Our green screen room puts you where you want to be in your video. By removing the green color in the video, you can be inserted into any video footage or photo almost seamlessly. Just make sure you’re not wearing any green in the video shoot, or you won’t be seen either.
graffiti wall filming location miami
Graffiti Stairwell
Are you a hip hop artist or rapper looking for a graffiti wall to shoot your music video in front of? Look no more as we have the perfect location to shoot your music video and we’re only 45 minutes away from Miami International Airport and 30 minutes away from Fort Lauderdale International Airport.
lighting set rental
Infinity Mirror V
This set starts at $1000 and is not included in the standard standing set pricing. This standing set + backdrop + lighting combo is a must have for any creative that wants to get that infinity mirror look in their project(s).
standing set rental
Electrocution Chamber Set
As part of our video production services, we always try to add sets for our production clients to expand their options while at our film production studio. The electrocution chamber was a natural addition seeing as we already had the police station, interrogation room and jail cell, might as well add the last stop for the inmates.
Blackout Room
Sometimes you need a completely black space in order for the visuals your artist/director of photography has in mind, so our video production services team decided that we needed to put in a blackout room in order for that creative expression to find itself in our studio.
Kush Room
For all the creatives out there that want to simulate their 420 kingdom in style. The setup comes with 16 fake marijuana plants, furniture, mini "throne" and wash lights bring it all together.

Virtual Reality Video Production

Prices start at $1000

The future of video production is now at Soflo Studio with virtual video production! We can create any virtual sets you can imagine and put any number of subjects anywhere in the world. A Virtual Set can often times be the best option for video production projects, they offer amazing flexibility since the virtual environment can be fully manipulated. Virtual Sets can also be far more affordable than going on location or even to a traditional broadcast studio – the best part is, we can output the subject in the virtual set live to any streaming or live platform on the planet without days of post processing work, it all happens live.

Corporate Virtual Production Sets

Virtual Set Studio A
Corporate Virtual Studio Set – A
This virtual video production set is perfect for broadcast presentations, live or recorded, that want a lot of studio space. We can put up to 20 people on this virtual studio set, change the graphics being displayed on the screens, or even send a video feed to them. The colors can also be changed to fit your own company’s branding.
Virtual Set Studio B
Corporate Virtual Studio Set – B
This virtual video production set is perfect for smaller presentations that don’t need as many people spread out throughout the set, or that want to focus solely on a single presenter in front of the screen. Like all of our sets, the screen can have either static graphics or a video feed playing as well as whatever lighting/colors the client would like in order to better fit the company branding.
Virtual Set Studio C
Corporate Virtual Studio Set – C
Our third virtual video production set is actually perfect for multiple presenters to simultaneously present in front of their respective screens. The virtual set has 3 main presentation areas as well as a central platform for a host, and like the other sets has a second level for any background actors if so desired. Colors/lighting can be changed to better match company branding.
Virtual Set Studio D
Corporate Virtual Studio Set – D
Our smallest virtual video production set features a large presentation area with hundreds of lights that can be individually controlled, perfect for any fancy lighting work the client could want, or for a more “close in” experience, as with all of our sets, the screens can be manipulated as the client wants.

Music Video Virtual Production Sets

Lambo BBQ Set
Lambo BBQ Virtual Set
A cool virtual music video set featuring two Lamborghinis lit on fire in a warehouse. Perfect performance backdrop we can put any artist into. We can change the lighting/colors as the artist sees fit to best match the aesthetic the artist is going for on their music video production.
Subway Virtual Set
Subway Virtual Set
A great virtual set perfect for any music video set in urban environments. We can drop the artist on the virtual set and they can even walk along the tracks, or anywhere really, the freedom virtual sets allow for means you can do much more with the assets than with props in the real world.
Forest Virtual Set
Forest Virtual Set
This virtual music video set is HUGE, it features all kinds of different plant life in the middle of a forest that goes on and on and on, the lighting can be changed to make the feel go from fun and whimsical to dark and foreboding depending on what the artist is going for. There’s a path that could be used as well as some massive trees that could potentially be used as backdrops.
Cyberpunk Sidewalk Virtual Set
Cyberpunk Sidewalk Virtual Set
A virtual video production set featuring many different shop fronts that an artist could be walking by or performing in front of. Every aspect of the set can be modified, from lighting, to text on the shop signs, to the cars. It’s a perfect setting for any “downtown” scene an artist may have in mind.
cybertrain substation virtual set
Space Train Virtual Set
Awesome virtual set perfect for any music video looking for ambitious visuals. We can drop the artist on the virtual set and they can even walk along the sun, or anywhere really, the freedom virtual sets allow for means you can do much more with the assets than with props in the real world.

Live Video Production Company

Soflo Studio can produce your live content in our studio or on location!

Live Video Production Company in Miami

Full Service Live Video Production

Soflo Studio’s live broadcast options range from simple in-studio shoots with 1 camera & engineer perfect for smaller projects all the way to on-location with multiple cameras, and several engineers covering everything corporate presentations to live broadcast music concerts.

Live Video Production Company in Miami

Live Stream To Any Platform

Part of Soflo Studio’s live broadcasting offering includes simultaneous live streaming to every major web streaming platform on the internet, from Facebook Live to Youtube Live, Twitch.tv, etc. We can even include multiple Zoom calls into the live streams, all thanks to our redundant high speed bandwidth internet connection available at the studio.

Cinema Robot Rental

IN STUDIO: Studio Time + $3000.

REMOTE LOCATION: $8000 Includes delivery, setup, removal, 4 hours use & 2 hours travel time.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro 12K Free w/ Cinema Robot Rental

Soflo Studio’s robotic camera arm rental is an affordable way to get those tricky synchronized slow-mo shots whether for tabletop products or out on location. The 15 foot track we can mount your Cinema robot rental onto also allows a wide range of linear tracking shots should your project require it. Our team of robot camera rental experts can help plan and build those shots at industry defying prices allowing you to focus on executing your vision rather than worrying about whether your budget can handle it. Along with your Cinema robot rental we also include a state of the art slow-motion capable RED or ARRI or Blackmagic 12K Camera rental. If your next project needs state of the art cinematography Click Here for more information on booking our robot camera rental.

Stage Lighting and Music Video Lighting

Lighting setups start at $300 + studio time and include haze machine, on call technician, light fixtures,2 laptops, haze machine and mounting system. All lighting setups can also be delivered / setup at any location in south Florida for an additional charge and includes everything with in studio rentals plus van delivery ,setup,removal,dedicated lighting technician. Contact us for on location pricing.

We are the best choice if you are scouting for a cheap music video location in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area, our film production studio also offers great video shoot locations with professional lighting and staging. We have programmable light props that you will love designing your video with. They set the scene for dancers and performers alike. Our film studio rental is perfect for any kind of videography and we are to help you with all your lighting needs.

Film Location Rentals

We have many film locations to rent throughout south Florida. We have mansions in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, a Restaurant and Nightclub location in Hollywood, and courtroom film locations and an exotic auto showroom film location in Broward county.

restaurant and nightclub filming location in miami
Restaurant / Nightclub
Are you looking for a nightclub or restaurant location rental for your film or music video? Look no further as we have our own nightclub rental filming location and restaurant filming location. This set is not included with studio rentals.
Mansion Film Location Rental
We have multiple mansions available to rent for music videos, commercials, or photo shoots. Our mansion locations are available to rent for filming and are located in south Florida. We have mansions with pools, lakes, yachts, and more!
auto showroom filming location
Exotic Auto Showroom
This exotic auto showroom features many luxury cars. It’s perfect as a filming location for a music video or a private car collection garage.
courtroom filming location
Courtroom Filming Locations
We have traditional courtroom filming locations as well as modern courtroom filming locations. If you are Looking for a courtroom to film a trial for a video production please contact us for info.

Video Production Services

At our live broadcast production studio near Miami and Fort Lauderdale, we also provide a wide variety of affordable film production services in order to make your experience easy. We have expertise in all areas from pre- to post-production, so wherever your needs are we can help. If you choose our video production studio for your music video location, we’ll be able to help you put all the pieces together. Whether it’s setting up lighting equipment, managing talent and sets, or assisting with video editing, we can provide you with a professional level of service that will give your next film or TV show an edge above the rest.

Video Models, Vehicles & Props


Models start at $250.


Up to 3 props for $75 with film set.

Video Production Studio Rental Pricing

Studio Rentals
2 Hours (Up to 5 People)
Includes 1 Standing Set
4 Hours (Up to 10 People)
Includes 3 Standing Sets
8 Hours (Up to 15 People)
Includes 4 Standing Sets
12 Hours (Up to 20 People)
Includes All Standing Sets
  • 3 rental props for $100 Props
  • 50% reservation deposit required (non-refundable)
  • $350 security deposit for overtime / damages (refundable)
  • +$150 or $25/hr after 7 pm and weekends
  • +250/hr rentals past midnight
  • +$100 for standing set swaps
Stage Lighting
Stage Lighting Rental (in studio) $300+
  • Starting at $300 for 1 setup
  • Lighting Tech On-Call
  • Programmable Led lights
  • Laptop & Controller
  • Mounting grids
Stage Lighting Rental (remote location) Contact us for Pricing
  • Our Lighting can also be delivered / setup at any location in south Florida for additional charge and includes everything with in studio rentals plus van delivery, setup, removal, dedicated lighting tech, 4 hours use and 2 hours travel.
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